These are some links that i have collected over time from internet for my personal use*. I thought this can serve as the best alternative to most hated "Under Construction".

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The Internet

Gooooogle     Open Directory Project    Wikipedia

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary



Operating Systems

Distro Watch        Kernel Trap    OSRC    Mega Tokyo - OS Wiki

Bona Fide OS Development     Open Solaris Linux Kernel Archives


Open Source

Sourceforge        Fresh Meat    GNU    The free Country    Gnu Compiler Collection

MIT Open Courseware


Hobbies & Recreation


Wonderful Karnataka   GPSies - Tracks for Vagabonds


Photo.Net        NatureScapes    JohnShaw's Page    

NaturePhotographers Magazine    Macro Photography

William Neill's Page    Nikonians


Photography Tools

JAlbum   Picasa


Everything Else



My Links

These links may not be of anyone's interest, they are here as i use them frequently!!

GMail       Railway Booking

 Canara Bank       ICICI Bank

Mangalore City      Bangalore City      Income Tax Department of India

Bangalore Telecom    Airtel   eBay India      Time & Date

Indian Railways

MyWebMail     My Flickr Page   Photo Gallery


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